Jack Of The Net Technology Services

| Computers: Mac, PC & Linux | Mobile: iDevices & Android | Electronics: Home & Personal |


Services Offered

Computers: Windows, Mac, & Linux

Mobile: iPhones, Androids, iPads & iPods

Networking: Wired & Wireless

Electronics: External Devices & More

Parts & Repairs

All parts that are necessary for the completion of the repair, and with prior permission and confirmation of the client, are purchased and added to the invoice (plus CA sales tax and shipping costs where applicable).

Service Rates

Minimum Half Hour for Out of House Support
Service at Your Home or Office $60/hr
Service at My Office (overnight, etc.) $40/hr
Phone Service (instructions, quick help) $30/hr
Remote Support (Remote Desktop) $30/hr
E-mail Support (tony@jackofthenet.com) Free!